my latest obsession:

Truman Capote.

I’ve had favorite books before, but never a favorite author until I read him.

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Today, I got a verbal offer from an aerospace company. I am almost employed.

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I just finished a phone interview with a research company located on the beach in Malibu. I don’t think I’m gonna get this one…they asked for my GPA at the end, and I think that may have ruined my chances. Also, they seem in a huge rush to fill the position, while I’m trying to buy time because I have interviews with two other companies coming up and I’d like to see how those go first.

This sudden spurt of interviews has come just at the right time. I hope I get a job out of this.

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Reading Progress 2013

So, in my last post, I stated that my goal was to finish reading Anna Karenina. Well, I didn’t. Something about that book (mainly, the length) had me discouraged, and I ended up finishing a different novel I started last year.

This Side of Paradise, Fitzgerald’s first novel, is now on my list of books read in 2013.

Reading Progress 2013

Today, I finished reading my first book of 2013: Fahrenheit 451.

Next goal is to finish Anna Karenina. I started it a year and a half ago and am only one fifth of the way through it. It has a lot of pages.

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a word of advice

don’t judge people…you don’t know what they’ve been through. at the same time, don’t blame people for passing judgment on you…remember, they don’t know everything you’ve been through.

like steve jobs once said, “don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

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77 pages

16,227 words officially submitted for publication review.

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today is lookin good

finally got my thesis back with a complete review from my professor. will be making changes and submitting it tonight for its final formatting. had beer for brunch at a byob diner. then i got called to schedule a phone interview with boeing! i will feel so accomplished tonight…just gotta put in the work now.

I’m getting pickier in my job search as time goes on. Most job descriptions make me cringe. The economy needs to fix itself so NASA can have money to hire me. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.

last night

I dreamt that I had just moved into my own apartment in LA. It was sleek and modern. I was planning a housewarming party. The fridge was stocked with beer, and I was in the kitchen making food. I also had some jungle juice made. Just waiting for people to come over….

road to my dream job, part two

After what felt like forever (~3 weeks?), I finally got a call back from the company. But there’s still no progress. The conversation I just had with HR was pretty much the same as last time. Oh well, at least it means I still have a chance!

This is so amazing. Author Silvia Harmann is writing her new novel on Google Docs so you can watch it appear word by word, edit by edit as she writes it!